All donations from this concert will go toward paying for our flagship water quality monitoring program and our "Adopt a Patch" to knock back Japanese knotweed. The musicians donated their time and talent because of their deep love and concern for clean water, and we'd love to raise $3,000.


Virtual Benefit Concert
July 24th at 7 pm
Click to join in. SeVWA concert H 265 2 - YouTube

Read about the musicians below their pictures.

Bob Zentz and Jeanne McDougall Zentz

the honeycreepers

Matt Shea and Kelsea Burch

Veronica Stevens

    Bob Zentz and Jeanne McDougall Zentz effortlessly weave vocals, instruments, anecdotes, humanity and history into an evening of pure musical fun.  Known in Virginia as the “Tidewater Troubadour,” Bob is the first folk artist ever honored by a star in the Virginia “Legends of Music Walk of Fame.”  Through music, Bob and Jeanne have played an active role in bringing attention to the health of the earth’s water resources.  Bob spent two years as a crew member and performer aboard the late Pete Seeger’s Hudson River sloop, the Clearwater.  A Chesapeake Bay Foundation grant allowed Bob to bring “Music of the Chesapeake” into Virginia schools. Bob’s recording of his composition, “Horizons,” was selected to be included on a 2006 tribute to environmental author and pioneer Rachel Carson, entitled “Songs for the Earth.”  Bob and Jeanne’s CD, “Shipmates,” is a collection of water-themed songs, including traditional chanteys, sea songs, and nautical poetry.  Jeanne’s recent book and CD, “The Waters,” is a collection of texts and tunes she wrote about some of the many “watery places” they have visited.  Together, they will perform and teach us the powerful role that music can have in bringing people together for a good cause and a good time. 

Learn more about Bob and Jeanne at:

The honeycreepers are the musical fusion of vocalist Kelsea Burch (who dabbles on some bass) and guitarist Matt Shea (who dibbles in some vocals.)  The duo formed in 2012 while living on a farm in Hawaii and finally landed in the Green Mountain state after nearly a decade of exploration and music. Their latest self-produced release, 2020's “Harborless”, takes the listener on a journey over vast waters, sometimes still and often unpredictable, in search of a place to call home.             To listen, visit:

Veronica Stevens is a well-known performer on stages throughout Windham County.  She is probably best known for her ukulele performances at the Vermont Ukulele Harvest Festival, opening for the headliners since the festival’s inception in 2017.  Veronica is also an actor, drummer, jazz vocalist and visual artist.  Her drawings were recently selected for the Vermont Arts Council I Am Gallery 2021.  Whether drumming in a Brazilian Samba band, starring in the Rock River Player’s production of The Fantasticks or playing a Bach toccata on her ukulele, the style, the smile and the energy is always pure Veronica. 

Learn more about Veronica at:

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